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11:49 Closed ticket [48cf587779]: Remove 'entry: true' syntax plus 3 other changes artifact: ddc5174e76 user: robin.hansen
Removed entry: true syntax from function definition. Fixes [48cf587779]. check-in: 52304dc684 user: robin.hansen tags: module-definition
18:11 New ticket [48cf587779] Remove 'entry: true' syntax. artifact: 024f242a6f user: robin.hansen

Ticket UUID: 48cf5877799a803b4444bd570c945dda4232443c
Title: Remove 'entry: true' syntax
Status: Closed Type: Enhancement
Severity: Cosmetic System: Compiler
Resolution: Fixed Modified: 2021-05-01 11:49:55
User Comments:
robin.hansen added on 2020-11-23 18:11:14:
We might not need 'entry: true' syntax for defining the entry point of a program. This can either be convention based (special word name) or make use of an access modifier.

Should explore this further when designing modules.