Play is now Stabel

The most common feedback I've received since the release of Alpha 1, has been to consider a new name for the project.

The reasoning behind the request is that 'Play' is such a common word that googling it returns a lot of unwanted results. To make matters worse, it's also the name of a popular Scala web framework.

Until recently, my response to these requests have been that I'm unwilling to change the name. My reasoning is that rebranding the project across code, version control, website, twitter and the discord server is a non-trivial amount of work. In addition, if Play ever gets to the point where the name itself is a barrier to further growth, then the project must also have become more popular than I'd ever hoped it would be.

However, as the months passed and I still got the same request every time Play was up for discussion, it became clear to me that this was an important task to complete. Since Play is still relatively unknown, this is also the right time to proritize it.

After brainstorming different alternatives with the fine members of the Play discord server, I've arrived at a new name for the project: Stabel.

Stabel is a norwegian word that translates to 'stack' in english. It's a good name for several reasons:

Changing the name is, as previously mentioned, time consuming. As such, the full effects of the name change will arrive together with Alpha 2, which I hope to release this summer.