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Alpha 1 is released

Today marks a huge milestone for the Play programming language. Alpha 1 is now released.

The goal behind alpha 1 is not to be a complete language which can be used for creating working applications, rather it is meant to give a good impression of what writing programs in Play would be like.

Play alpha 1 comes with a, mostly, working type system and many of the language features which will be there in a future 1.0.0 version.

It is also the first open-source release of Play, and marks the point in time from which all development will take place in the open.

Alongside alpha 1 is the release of a playground, for trying out the language without installing anything, as well as source code management, bug tracker, wiki and forum using the fossil scm tool.

To learn more about Play, you can take a look at our new website.

To learn more about upcomming features, you can take a look at the roadmap.