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20:03 New ticket [0391d54517] Remove loop from constructors. artifact: 4de35e9a01 user: robin.hansen
15:38 New ticket [e6f400c1ff] Parser should reject duplicate metadata for definitions. artifact: 1c325afc81 user: robin.hansen
04:29 Closed ticket [ccf0c23cc5]: Arrays plus 3 other changes artifact: 6bf6f4a047 user: robin.hansen
12:41 Ticket [3fac68d49a] 0.3.0: Strings status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: 876791d343 user: robin.hansen
12:39 New ticket [3fac68d49a]. artifact: 3bef663d09 user: robin.hansen
12:35 Ticket [839b5c7d9a] 0.3.0: Arrays status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: 97fcb4f2d9 user: robin.hansen
11:01 New ticket [839b5c7d9a]. artifact: 354dfb73a2 user: robin.hansen
09:26 New ticket [55a5b57c3b] 0.3.0: Integer improvements. artifact: 4a57ca5977 user: robin.hansen
11:38 New ticket [c2996a5e70] 0.3.0: Syntax changes. artifact: a259e0aba9 user: robin.hansen
17:56 Closed ticket [19d3c0453f]: Parser reports incorrect source locations plus 3 other changes artifact: 526e908c44 user: robin.hansen
15:16 Closed ticket [9b057e2631]: Pre alpha-3 refactor plus 3 other changes artifact: 3ca42bbc34 user: robin.hansen
15:15 Closed ticket [867c88c442]: Stack ranges should not be allowed within unions plus 3 other changes artifact: 988c60d9a5 user: robin.hansen
15:15 Closed ticket [58dc4ba225]: Missing info in errors from typechecker run through cli plus 4 other changes artifact: ba46f9a4e1 user: robin.hansen
15:14 New ticket [6f32638823] Are imports and exposings qualified?. artifact: 22232d7b1a user: robin.hansen
15:13 New ticket [19d3c0453f] Parser reports incorrect source locations. artifact: 72b03f12e4 user: robin.hansen
04:15 Closed ticket [8bd9056d14]: WASM module should have no knowledge of codegen phase or runtime plus 3 other changes artifact: 9c625ec1e5 user: robin.hansen
13:54 Closed ticket [e018cd1f3c]: Anonymous function containing one function, shouldn't generate a new function plus 3 other changes artifact: 061ae77da6 user: robin.hansen
04:24 New ticket [017d1c34c0] Allow Int literals in pattern matches. artifact: 4c9230a75a user: robin.hansen
04:19 Ticket [9b057e2631] Pre alpha-3 refactor status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 5804d8590d user: robin.hansen
04:17 Deferred ticket [8bbbe48f5d]: Reference counting plus 3 other changes artifact: b59b755499 user: robin.hansen
04:16 Open ticket [ccf0c23cc5]: Arrays plus 2 other changes artifact: b713e4e053 user: robin.hansen
13:30 Ticket [9b057e2631] Pre alpha-3 refactor status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 93198aa3bc user: robin.hansen
09:23 Ticket [9b057e2631]: 4 changes artifact: ef8ba75cd3 user: robin.hansen
09:19 New ticket [e018cd1f3c] Anonymous function containing one function, shouldn't generate a new function. artifact: 8c41e07013 user: robin.hansen
09:50 New ticket [9b057e2631] Pre alpha-3 refactor. artifact: 426b43cc57 user: robin.hansen
10:15 New ticket [58dc4ba225] Missing info in errors from typechecker run through cli. artifact: 9cb8b8f628 user: robin.hansen
10:03 Closed ticket [57c2233d50]: Alpha 2: Module definitions plus 4 other changes artifact: 98ad5befe0 user: robin.hansen
10:02 Closed ticket [abaac5803b]: Modules plus 3 other changes artifact: 52a466c6ae user: robin.hansen
11:49 Closed ticket [48cf587779]: Remove 'entry: true' syntax plus 3 other changes artifact: ddc5174e76 user: robin.hansen
09:51 Closed ticket [2e8c31ce9d]: Alpha 2: Module resolution plus 3 other changes artifact: ee65422d74 user: robin.hansen
08:17 Closed ticket [0a58fee236]: Bug with negative numbers plus 4 other changes artifact: 867b0e76a2 user: robin.hansen
08:15 Closed ticket [199c72582a]: Is it possible to write the 'if' word? plus 4 other changes artifact: e88ee1c95d user: robin.hansen
09:47 New ticket [199c72582a]. artifact: 64b8e21548 user: robin.hansen
07:24 Closed ticket [426b0366e4]: Drop '>' from constructor names of structs with no members plus 3 other changes artifact: 9bdece8063 user: robin.hansen
07:24 Closed ticket [2ed5dbbb6d]: Use ':' instead of 'when:' in multi-word definitions plus 3 other changes artifact: e91eb473c4 user: robin.hansen
07:24 Closed ticket [05dc3c652b]: deftype: should be renamed to defstruct: plus 3 other changes artifact: 3aae964995 user: robin.hansen
07:23 Closed ticket [49d490f836]: Alpha 2: Syntax changes plus 3 other changes artifact: ba54291630 user: robin.hansen
18:29 Closed ticket [b816447fde]: Shorten unit tests by automating construction of getters and setters plus 3 other changes artifact: 9963c2c405 user: robin.hansen
11:00 Ticket [57c2233d50] Alpha 2: Module definitions status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: e33019398f user: robin.hansen
13:27 New ticket [57c2233d50]. artifact: 1c26f51190 user: robin.hansen
08:16 Ticket [2e8c31ce9d] Alpha 2: Module resolution status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: 1269d94ecb user: robin.hansen
18:32 New ticket [2e8c31ce9d]. artifact: 233bcce1de user: robin.hansen
12:21 New ticket [49d490f836] Alpha 2: Syntax changes. artifact: cf1e2f9f6a user: robin.hansen
11:58 Deferred ticket [b23dac86af]: Ad-hoc polymorphism plus 3 other changes artifact: 6eac8a5dfe user: robin.hansen
09:43 Closed ticket [0f7b3f8b2b]: Test proposal plus 3 other changes artifact: 285c94f5d7 user: robin.hansen
09:36 New ticket [0f7b3f8b2b]. artifact: 3dc1c280a2 user: robin.hansen
05:12 New ticket [0a58fee236] Bug with negative numbers. artifact: df73340a0d user: robin.hansen
18:11 New ticket [48cf587779] Remove 'entry: true' syntax. artifact: 024f242a6f user: robin.hansen
06:01 New ticket [8cb29e1e63] Type inference fails for quotations with unbound stack ranges. artifact: 6c03d0eb5f user: robin.hansen
05:58 New ticket [426b0366e4] Drop '>' from constructor names of structs with no members. artifact: e76d0a8db5 user: robin.hansen
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